Permanent cosmetics 
Permanent Cosmetics

Wake Up Feeling Beautiful Every Day

Discover how natural looking Permanent Makeup can save countless hours, boost your confidence, & help you look glamorous every day. We are located in Manasquan, NJ. Let us serve you stunning!

Permanent Cosmetics

Wake Up Feeling Beautiful Every Day

Permanent makeup makes it easy to feel gorgeous around the clock, without the need to spend hours in front of a mirror. Our cosmetic procedures have minimal pain and no downtime. Results are long-lasting (typically 1-3 years), which allows you to change your look as your beautiful face and trends change over time.






We specialize in microblade eyebrows

Most procedures are a 2 step process  

The initial procedure is done and then touch-up is done 6-8 weeks later.

Using microblading, professionals can create eyebrows that looks more life-like. The process also can enhance or even reshape the current eyebrows. As with the needle, the pigment is deposited beneath the first layer of skin. But since it is not typically deposited as deep, it does not take as long to fade into the color chosen by the patient.


For those missing their brows entirely, we suggest the hairstroke or the microbladed brow. Both mimic actual hair in a shape designed by you, your artist, and your existing facial structure.

If you are desiring definition or depth to your already full brows, the powder brow or ombré’ brow is a great choice. The powder brow offers a soft filled-in appearance that resembles powder.

The ombré brow offers a graduation of soft color that is darker in the tail and gradually gets lighter as it reaches the front of the brow by the nose. Can be applied with or without hair simulation in the front. 



Ever desire perfect liner, but can’t get the line straight? Natural or dramatic, make your eyes stand out with permanent eyeliner.

Natural eyeliner is applied both in the lashes and right above them for a soft enhancement to the eyes, while dramatic eyeliner is layered thicker. Wings and wedges may be added to your dramatic look. All eyeliners are customized to each client’s eye shape and desires. Premier eyeliners are performed with the eyes completely closed.



We offer two different types of permanent lips: 1 Lipliner with blend 2. Full lip color. We utilize a dual process topical numbing technique to provide the most pain-free procedure possible.

Defining lips by adding color really helps to wake up your face. In most women, lips will tend to appear smaller with age. With permanent lip color, lips can be made to appear slightly or dramatically fuller and these results are extremely feminine and youthful.



Areola tattooing provides the “finishing touch” after breast surgery. Patients feel the tattooing process helps them during the last part of their recovery to look complete and feel “whole” and “normal” again. 



Scar Camoflauge is micropigmentation used to camouflage and conceals scars. It works by gradually blending the color of the skin surrounding the scar to match — so is not noticeable.